About the Author


In ThunderBird Walking, K. E. Conlon creates a character study of an introverted man who explores a world of lost ideas on solo hikes and walks in nature. Using journal entries derived from real experiences, the story connects the wonder of Grand Canyon to one man’s inner landscape and his dreams for a better world. The result is a book that dares the reader to see America from a different perspective, to give up the ghosts of the past, and to discover the resiliency of the human spirit.


K. E. Conlon is the pen name for an author who learned the secrets of old-style creative writing before they waned from America. He is currently working on a sequel to TBW and an anthology of shorts while nurturing a slew of creative ideas. The author has lived in Arizona, North Carolina, Maryland, and California, and his journeys have taken him into at least 42 of the 50 US states. He has also traveled internationally (not necessarily in style) to Vancouver, Canada, and throughout Australia—getting to see The Great Ocean Road, The Outback and The Great Barrier Reef, among other haunts.

Over his life and travels, the author of ThunderBird Walking has scribbled approximately 2.5 million words in handwritten journals (with many more on computer). Now seeking new avenues to share his knowledge of living free and writing, he is available for creative consulting on film and TV projects, technical writing in environmental sciences and the humanities, and media consultation in academia.

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