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ThunderBird Walking is an autobiographical novel inspired by a writer’s experiences living near Grand Canyon. Laced with mystical horror and magical realism, this eclectic book invites the reader on a journey that stretches from North Carolina to Arizona and into the depths of one man’s psyche.


What’s the reaction to seeing a ghost? A gasp and then silence…. That seems to be the reaction of people to ThunderBird Walking—A Grand Canyon Ghost Story.

I considered this a ‘beta’ version of ThunderBird Walking. I put it out to start a conversation, to see what people might say so I could create another version that strengthened certain themes and cut back on some of the more eclectic ones. Over a year out now, I think I got the story just about right, and a sequel of sorts is taking shape that is more expository of the character’s journey.

Overall, the feeling I most associate with my first novel is disappointment. Not in the book or my writing or myself, but in Americans of my generation that I shared good times with along the way. What the heck happened to us? When did we become so scared of talking about things that matter? Did we forget how to share a good laugh over things that really don’t matter? I’m not sure what to make of the abject silence.

So I found the idea of a sequel taking shape that pushes the conversation to the reader. I’m not sure it will break the blocks to growth among the Americans I grew up with. We’re all stuck with where we got to. Maybe it will only be getting off my chest some things this character wants to say. And of course, upon taking on any writing endeavor it seems a bridled muse shows up and other obstacles get thrown in the path, so maybe the book will never see the light of day and will stay bouncing around in my imagination. There are worse fates.

So I invite you to say a word about my first book while we wait to see if the sequel ever happens. Forget the blurbs and marketing write-ups for the various sales platforms. Make it your own and have some fun with it. Tell me what you got from it, if you dare. Put a review on Amazon or GoodReads or somewhere else. Start the conversation.

Maybe by the time the next book comes out,
we might be talking again…



A work of fiction from America after the fall of truth.

ThunderBird Walking

A work of fiction from America after the fall of truth.

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